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Special thanks goes to my cousin, Deon Visagie, for giving me this opportunity

My Name is Marius Nel, owner of Battery4U. 
Established (Feb 2022)

This business in my humble opinion is a blessing from above, and I thank God  for the opportunity it affords me to help people that find themselves in a bind because of a dead battery. 

I have done many different things in my life to generate an income, but here, with Battery4U I have finally found the place where I feel like a hero every day, like there is a purpose to what I do, I’ll be honest it is a fantastic feeling. 

I have set up this business to be the most hassle free experience my clients can have at a time when they are goin gthrough a stressfull situation because of a dead car battery. So from the first phone call, to the handshake at the end of the installation it is my goal to ensure every step of the process lifts my clients a litle but more out of that dark cloud. 


I learned from the best – Deon Visagie at Bolts batteries, and having installed over 400 batteries (up to April 2023) in different vehicles myself, I believe I have become somewhat of an expert in the battery installation industry. I don’t like blowing my own horn, so let me rather refer you to what my customers are saying.