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Before you initiate a warranty claim

  • Have you tried to jump start the car and drive it around for at leat 20 minutes?
    • Remember, you can call your insurance comany for a free jumpstart.
    • If after a 20 minute drive the battery still goes dead, initiate a warranty claim.
  • If the battery goes dead, and you jumpstart it, and it charges up then lasts for a few days or weeks, then dies again, there might be a parasitic drain from the car onto the battery.
    • First take your carto a workshop and ask them test for a parasitic drain. if one is found fix it first and see if your battery holds.
    • Or check it yourself: How to Check for a parasitic drain 
    • If it still dies after the drain is fixed or there is no parasitic drain, initiate a warranty claim.
    • This is important because if it is a drain then even a new battery will not last.

When Warranty Is Voided

  1. If we replace the old battery and on starting the car:
    1. the alternator is charging under 13.7v or over 14.5v
    2. The Ripple Reading on the Alternator is above 0.6
    3. In both these cases it is not a battery error but a vehicle error and you will be charge the full rate  of a new battery installation.
  2. If there is any structural damage to the battery, in other words casing or terminals damage.
    1. In such cases we will replace the battery at the rate of a new battery installation.
  3. If on first installation the alternator was faulty, and we indicated it as a faulty alternator on your invoice, and
    1. you did not get it fixed
    2. You did not inform us that you had it fixed and we initiated it on your invoice.
    3. In both these instances your warranty is void and you will be charged the full rate for a new battery installation.
  4. If your car has been standing for a long time and the battery has run down completely,  to the point that it won’t even jump start because of it.
  5. If your car is not driven often internal computer, alarm and tracking systems will deplete the battery, If you keep jumpstarting the car, because of this, the battery will be damaged because of de-loading and this will void your warranty claim. You must start and run your car at least three times a week for a minimum 20 minutes to ensure the battery stays fully charged.

Important Note On Refunds:


We do not do refunds on batteries, we will replace your battery with a new one. In rare circumstanses where a refund is considered the following will apply:

  1. Refunds will only be eligible within the first month of installation.
  2. The battery cannot have any casing damage or defects.
  3. The battery health needs to have a minimum of 95% SOH and 95%SOC
  4. The callout and installation fees are not refundable and will be subtracted from the invoice amount.  Callout and installation fees are as follows:
    1. Installation Fee R 200
    2. Callout Fee: R 400

NB! – Last update on Fee amounts was on January 2024

Initiate a Warranty Claim By Filling In The Warranty Claims Form

Warranty claims procedure:

We will come out to your premises, and diagnose the battery, if it is faulty we will replace it on the spot and you will be billed R 300 for the warranty call-out. Your warranty claim will be completed and will no longer be active.

If the battery is completely dead and we cannot do diagnostics, we will replace the battery temporarily until we can charge the dead battery and do a proper diagnostic on it.

After the Diagnostics:

  1. If it is faulty we will just bill you R 300 for the warranty callout and diagnostics, and your warranty  claim is completed.
  2. If however your battery was just run down and we could charge up again to working capacity, we will come back to replace your charged up battery, and you will be billed R 500 as a battery charge service.

NB! Your warranty period is only active from first installation. For instance, if you installed the battery in Jan 2020 and you have a one year warranty, and you initiate a claim on July 2020 which is approved. The new battery’s warranty will only run till the end of Jan 2021 and not another full year. Some companies voids warranties after a claim was made.


Warranty Claim Form


  1. This receipt serves as proof of payment and as your warranty document.
  2. The warranty is only activated if it states: Alternator good, warranty activated in the product listings
  3. Battery4u only supplies and fits batteries and does not work on any other components of your vehicle.
  4. The Warranty is not applied to our call out fee. If there is a battery warranty claim there will still be a call out fee charged.
  5. To claim a warranty, proof of purchase is required.
  6. Once the battery has been declared defective (and if it is still within the specified warranty period) it will be replaced with an equivalent product at no cost.
  7. Be advised that your warranty will not be honoured if the battery has been subject to abuse, neglect, a faulty charging system, overcharging, or other indications of improper use.
  8. In some cases, the battery needs to be recharged and retested by Battery4u, a replacement loan battery will be supplied for that period.
  9. Battery4u accepts no responsibility for any consequential damage caused directly or indirectly to the vehicle or components within the vehicle through the failure or defect or fitment of the battery.
  10. The electronics and electrical systems on the vehicle are not covered by Battery4u, and is completely at own risk to the owner of the vehicle’s.
  11. The battery warrantee is not supplied by Battery4u. It is covered by the manufacturer/supplier of the battery.