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An AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) car battery is becoming increasingly popular due to its improved performance and durability compared to traditional flooded batteries. AGM batteries use a special design that allows the electrolyte to be absorbed into a glass mat separator, which is sandwiched between the lead plates. This design provides several advantages over traditional flooded batteries.

Firstly, AGM batteries are maintenance-free, meaning they do not require regular topping up with distilled water. This is because the glass mat separator holds the electrolyte in place, preventing it from evaporating or leaking out. This makes AGM batteries a convenient and hassle-free option for car owners.

Secondly, AGM batteries have a lower internal resistance than flooded batteries, which means they are able to deliver higher bursts of power when starting the engine. This is particularly useful in cold weather, when the engine requires more power to start and is why they are used in the stop/start vehicles that switches of and restarts automatically when the vehicle stops.

Thirdly, AGM batteries are more resistant to vibration and shock than flooded batteries, thanks to their robust construction. This makes them a good choice for vehicles that are subjected to rough terrain or frequent bumps and jolts.

Finally, AGM batteries have a longer lifespan than flooded batteries, with some models offering up to 10 years of service life. This is due to their advanced design, which minimizes corrosion and extends the life of the lead plates.

For all of these reasons the AGM batteries do come at a cost that is significantly higher that the calcium fill batteries. Speak to us call/WhatsApp if you want more information on this battery, and if it is necessary for you to invest in an AGM battery.

In summary, AGM car batteries offer a range of advantages over traditional flooded batteries, including maintenance-free operation, high burst power, resistance to vibration and shock, and a longer lifespan. As such, they are an excellent choice for drivers looking for a reliable and durable battery for their vehicle.